Woodlands Connetz

Hey guys,

We hope that you guys are excited so far for this talent competition. Do spread the word around and make this a very happening event! Get your friends to join if you know they are talented and needs to be recognized one way or the other. Woodlands Talent can be their first step to step out, take the stage and shine!

Woodlands New Media Champions would also like to invite you people to join our Facebook Group called “Woodlands Connetz”. Together, we can make the group more exciting and definitely more happening. Even with the inclusion of the name Woodlands, we are still open for residents outside of Woodlands to join us and support.

We are aiming for at least 1,000 members in Woodlands Connetz! Lets do it together!

Here’s the link: Woodlands New Media Champions\’ Facebook Group – \”Woodlands Connetz\”

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