And the 10 Finalists are…….

First off, thank you all for the support and participation for Woodlands’ first ever talent competition which we call Woodlands Talent 2010. We are indeed very awed and happy to see such talented individuals to have the courage and passion to come out and showcase their talents through the New Media world. We successfully received a total of 33 very talented participation which was beyond our expectations.

Unfortunately, in every competition, there can only be a few which can go through which in our case, 10 finalists. However, Woodlands New Media Champions would not want to ignore all the talents that we have seen and thus we have a proposal to all the participants which: 1) still provide you a platform to showcase your talents and 2) doing a very good deed to others (: . We will contact/email each of you on this.

As for now, Woodlands New Media Champions would like to congratulate the following 10 Finalists for successfully making it to the Finals on the 18th April 2010 at Causeway Point. The 10 Finalists are:

(in Alphabetical Order and not in order of Merit)

1- 3CM

2- Azra Zulaikha Razali

3- D’Rush

4- Darryl

5- Dropbeat Heartbeat

6- Explicit (replacing Fadzlin Abu Bakar who cannot be contacted)

7- Fanz 101

8- Intonations

9- JYB

10- Shazwan Shakirin

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