Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations for all participants of Woodlands Talent 2010!

1.   The Competition is open to all regardless of area of residence.

2.   Only one registration per individual is allowed regardless he/she is registering as an individual or in a group.

3.   The closing date for submission of entries is 26th March 2010 (Friday). The Organizer (herein Woodlands New Media Champions) reserves the right to reject late submissions.

4.   Only English songs are allowed for singing participants/bands.

5.   For bands, only unplugged/acoustic performance is allowed (no drums & amplifiers).

6.   Family Category is optional. Bonus points will be awarded to participants who register under one of the Family Categories.

Family Categories are as follows:

  1. A)   Parent(s) & Child(ren)
  2. B)   Grandparent(s) & Grandchild(ren)
  3. C)   Husband & Wife
  4. D)   Siblings
  5. E)   Boyfriend & Girlfriend (Romancing Singles)

7.   Participants will be required to shoot a video of their audition performance. Length of video should be within 1 – 2 minutes.

8.   An introduction before the start of the recorded audition performance is COMPULSORY where each participant has to say out his/her NAME & GROUP NAME (if applicable) as reflected in the registration form.

9.   Audition performances will be judged based on the following criteria:

– Personality (30%)

– Creativity (30%)

– Overall Performance (40%)

* Family Category Bonus – Additional 20 Points

10.   The video has to be saved with the title in the format of “Woodlands Talent – (Name / Group Name)”. Only the following video formats are accepted: .WMV, .3GP, .AVI, .MOV, .MP4 or .MPEG

11. Participants warrant that the videos submitted by them are original works and agree that any and all intellectual property rights residing in the submitted works shall vest in the Woodlands New Media Champions for its sole use and benefit. Participants further undertake to indemnify Woodlands New Media Champions against any damage and loss it may suffer should the use of the submitted works constitute infringements of any third party intellectual property rights.

12. Submission of videos will be via email to If participants are unable to do so using their own personal email, they are advised to use YouSendIt ( which is an online file-sharing site which allows users to send large files. If prompted to sign up for an account, participants may wish to sign up for the Lite account which is FREE and allows sending of large files up to a maximum of 100MB.

13. Submission of videos must be accompanied with the completed and signed registration form. Participants may choose to email the form (scanned/soft copy) to or by sending/mailing the form to:

Woodlands Community Club

1 Woodlands Street 81, #01-01, Singapore 738526

Attn: Ms Noraini Yusof

14. Incomplete submissions by the closing date of registration will be deemed irrelevant and The Organizer reserves the right to reject the submission.

15. Submitted videos will be put up in the Woodlands Talent blog as well as in the Woodlands New Media Champions’ YouTube channel The participant whose video receives the most “Ratings” in the YouTube channel stands a chance to win a prize.

16. Submission of entries implies acceptance of the rules and regulations.

17. 10 participants will be short listed to perform in the finals. The results will be announced by the first week of April 2010. The names of the 10 short listed finalists will be posted in the Woodlands Talent blog. In addition, the 10 short listed finalists will also be notified by phone call.

18. The Organizer reserves the right to amend/or add to the above Rules & Regulations without prior notice.

    • daphne
    • March 24th, 2010

    can malaysian register for this talent competition?

    • Hi Daphne,

      Yes it is still permissible and we welcome your entry.
      But please do take note that you have to submit both your registration form and audition video by the 26th March 2010 (Friday).

    • Remus
    • March 25th, 2010

    Is is possible to submit on Friday itself? And by what time?

    • Hi Remus,

      Emailed ya. Anyway, yes it is still possible. If you’re doing so physically, please do so before the CC closes. Woodlands CC will close at 10.00pm. If you’re doing so via email, you can do so before 12 midnight.

    • Jane
    • March 27th, 2010

    Hi, i submitted my registration form and video via email yesterday. however, i do not see my vid on the channel. i resend it today with a note saying that it could be uploaded to youtube but it is unable to play in the Windows media player as the format is in 3GPP. but you could still play it on QuickTime player. may i know what’s wrong? and please do reconsider my application. thanks ((:

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