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Woodlands New Media Champions welcomes you!

First and foremost, a very big thank you for visiting this site. Woodlands New Media Champions (NMC) are expanding in terms of its membership strength as well as netizens’ following. Led by the original enthusiastic and optimistic Champion, Mr Adrian Rennie Pereira, PBM, Woodlands NMC aims to foster a great relationship with the Netizens of Woodlands as well as from all over Singapore. Woodlands NMC also aims to bring about refreshing and exciting events and happenings to promote the use of New Media in a positive and encouraging way for everyone of all age and gender to enjoy.

For its first project, Woodlands NMC brings you the Woodlands New Media Champions Logo Design Competition as well as Woodlands Talent 2010. Woodlands NMC would like to reach out to everyone out there regardless of age, gender, race, nationality, area of residence and so on. With this Logo Competition, Woodlands NMC hopes to reach out to the young students to help produce a refreshing logo design for them. With the level of creativity amongst the young nowadays, there’s no doubt that they would be capable of achieving it. This competition is open to students of Secondary Schools, Polytechnics and Universities.

As for Woodlands Talent 2010, this would probably be one of the biggest, if not the biggest, project for Woodlands NMC. Supported by Woodlands Citizens’ Consultative Committee (CCC) and Woodlands Family Life Champions (FLC), this would also be the first time Woodlands Constituency is holding a big scale talent show. The aim of Woodlands Talent is to be a platform for budding/hidden talents to step out, take the stage, and shine. Albeit the name, this talent show is open to all regardless of area of residence. It also aims to promote family togetherness through the availability of Family Categories. With the main aim of promoting the use of New Media, participants are expected to submit their recorded audition performance(s). These videos will then be uploaded into the Woodlands Talent blog ( and Woodlands NMC’s YouTube Channel ( The video which receives the highest rating will stand a chance to win a prize. Through the videos, 10 participants will be short listed for the finals which will be conducted in Woodlands Causeway Point on Sunday, 18th April 2010. Ms Ellen Lee, PBM, MP for Sembawang GRC will grace the event as the distinguished Guest-of-Honour. Tabitha Nauser, Singapore Idol 2009 2nd Runner-Up, will be the guest performer. Do join us as we crown our first ever Woodlands Talent!